Holistic health provides a complete circle that joins the dots together to create a “dot to dot of you”.

It provides the connection between your mind, body and spirit.

Within my treatment room I offer treatments that create connections and allow healing, peace and tranquillity back into a persons life.

I do this through combining my holistic treatments, which include relaxation facials, massage, reflexology and Reiki treatments. I offer these treatments as part of a package or as a single treatment.

Massage is detoxifying, relaxing and soothing.

Reflexology involves giving a therapeutic treatment to all areas of the feet using pressure points. In both feet there are reflex areas which relate to different parts of the body; reflexology will help with the general flow of energy through the body.

Emotional or traumatic experiences can cause blockages and I use Reiki to connect with the persons energy flow to help move and clear the blockages. Reiki is a clearing of the energy points in the body known as Chakras. During a treatment, reiki energy flows through my hands into the client energy centres. My client remains fully clothed and is lying on a couch. I place my hands on or near my clients body in a series of hand positions (around the shoulders and head, the chest, stomach, legs and feet).

People differ in their reactions to a reiki treatment, but a feeling of deep relaxation is felt by everyone. Some people drift off to sleep and may see beautiful colours. A number of people say they feel a glowing radiance surrounding or flowing through them. Reiki has a positive effect on negative conditions and all forms of illness as reiki energy encourages the person to let go of anxiety, fear, tension and other negative feelings. These negative feelings are replaced with feelings of peace, which allows the person to re-balance and enter a state of wellbeing.

These treatments are not a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Clients should always consult a medical doctor for any health concerns they may have. I can complement their treatment by helping to restore energy, balance and wellbeing.