Some of my clients may suffer from hay fever or allergies. I was reading over an old Daily Mail newspaper dated, March 1st 2016, and found an interesting article by Roger Dobson on why we can experience a tingling feeling in the mouth and lips. According to Roger Dobson hay fever can begin as early as March or April. Apparently, this condition can affect a percentage of people who suffer from hay fever when they eat certain types of foods. It can be a symptom of oral allergy syndrome; “most commonly it affects people allergic to birch pollen – a sign of which your hay fever starts early in the season”. It can occur when they eat foods such as apples, hazelnuts, almonds, cherries, peaches, plums and nectar-lines, which contain proteins similar in structure to birch pollen” page 48 explains Tony Frew, a respiratory physician and allergy expert from Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals. According to Dr. Frew, it is not a serious problem but up to 75% of birch pollen sufferers may experience this syndrome. Something to think about next time we have that Tingling Feeling!