Taking care of your feet is taking care of your body. We need to be kind to our feet as they allow us to walk and the ability to walk gives us the freedom to move which allows us to enjoy life. A regular pedicure is one of the most blissful treatments that I have experienced, especially after a long week on my feet.

A pedicure can be described as a manicure for the feet. Having a pedicure can improve your posture as it is so much easier to walk on cared-for comfortable feet. Nobody wants unhappy feet!
Let me explain to you what happens and what you can expect when you visit Andover Beauty for your pedicure. To begin with, you sit down and relax in a comfortable armchair while I begin to remove the hard skin from the soles of your feet and around the toe area. I apply cream to the cuticles and pop the feet into a foot spa of warm water and bubbles. I leave the feet to soak for ten minutes and you can relax while I make you a drink of your choice. On returning, I remove one foot from the water and begin to clip the toenails and work on the cuticles. Then I will apply some pedicure foot scrub to brighten and polish the foot. I will put it back in the warm water and repeat the same process on the other foot. With both feet out of the water and dried off I will apply some foot cream using reflexology techniques to both feet and finish the treatment off with a colour of your choice on the toenails.

All feet should be happy feet! As a special treat for all you ladies on Valentine’s week, February 14th to February 21st, I am offering a 10% discount on all pedicures. Let’s all have HAPPY FEET 🙂