Wrinkle comb amazing results, Treatment 2 today.. The CACI ultimate treatment , using micro currents to awaken
and tone the muscles, worked across the brow into the hairline, across the cheek
and the jawline….there is a slight tingling sensation with the current and the
muscles are already feeling the benefit of the treatment …..Then the wrinkle
comb treatment…Corry used the wrinkle comb across the forehead, around the eyes
and by the mouth, the effect of the wrinkle comb is simply amazing with lines
being plumped out by the needle free treatment, a strong tingling sensation is
felt in the treatment area and the lines fill out..
the wrinkle comb
treatment is effective for up to 24 hours so is great for a night out or weekend
away…..cost starts at just £9 for 8 minutes ……