Continuing the CACI treatment, After 3 sessions, the level of intensity has been increased to work the
facial muscles harder. Imagine having a workout in the gym and increasing the
level on the cross-trainer…you can feel it in your arms and legs a day after…on
the face, there is a slight tightening of the muscles this is not uncomfortable
and part of the CACI process. I am already receiving compliments about my face
and how well I look…these are from people who don’t see me very often, however ,
those closer to home have noticed how fresh and clear my skin
looks especially after the microdermabrasion treatment. During sessions 4 and 5
, Corry worked across the face, defining the eye brows and cheeks which has
resulted in the hooded look completely disappearing from my eyes and my cheeks
looking taut and feeling much firmer.